California Department of Transportation


Overview of Caltrans ARS Online

Using Caltrans ARS Online

1. Click on the map for lat/long, or manually enter lat/long and vs30. Then, hit the calculate button.

2. Analyze results

3. There are 5 buttons to help manipulate the results.
"View Tabular Data": Open a new window that contains result data in table forms, which can be pasted to Excel spreadsheet.

"Show Envelop Only": show the maximum values in the plot.

"Near Fault Adjustment": adjust the plot data.

"Axis Scale": Change the scale of the plot. "Log" or "Linear"

"Printer Friendly View": Opens a new window that contains map, chart, and data in plain html format.

"Basin Factor": Shows the basin factors that apply to the results.

Location Tool gives you options to search by fault name or address

Ruler tool allows you to measure a distance on the map.

Street View

Basin Overlay